Control cabinets
The system consists of a hardware platform with software especially designed for lift control on a CANbus.
It can manage both hydraulic and traction lifts up to 32 floors with automatic push button or simplex collective control as well as multiplex operation up to quadruplex. The system consists of 3 boards:
ECL1, ECL2 and ECL3.

It offers the following advantages:

  • cabling made much easier
  • lower failure rates and shorter installation time
  • fast error tracking
  • increased overall system reliability

The system allows for efficient and quick configuration, monitoring and diagnosis both on site and from a remote location.

Axel Brochure
Expansion board with easy flat cable connection to ECL1 and/or ECL2 board.
Microcontroller master board for the control of lift plant.
Slave board with microcontroller for the control of the car and landing call stations.
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