Axel’s Unique “Bespoke” Elevator Solution
Axel, Italian based elevator company is one of the few elevator companies in the world who can design, develop and tailorproduce customize “Bespoke” solutions to meet the specific wishes, desires, dreams and needs of their clients architects, developers and engineers who request exclusive individual elevators for their projects.

Here is a short video and gallery where you can see how is “bespoke elevator” raising out of the floor revealing whole elevator car cab, including door operator, turning on lights and opening door.

Very unique design which eliminates the need for elevator hoistway.

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Elevator Roof
Starting slowly to raise
Glass safety zones
Movement sensor to ensure space is clear
Detection map
Cameras on COP to view the roof
Look Inside on COP
View inside the hoistway
Elevator frame structure
Look at top of the hoistway
Looks inside hoistway
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